Health, work and wellbeing

Reference to the UK is made in the information given below, on occasions, simply to explain how various issues are dealt with elsewhere or to provide examples of good practice.

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Mental health

Mental ill health in the workplace can be caused by all sorts of issues. For example:

  • a badly managed grievance can result in feelings of frustration
  • a case of bullying or harassment which is not tackled could lead to stress and depression
  • employees who find it difficult to juggle work and family life may start to find it difficult to cope
  • a case of unresolved conflict left to fester could cause a decrease in morale and motivation

All of these can result in stress, anxiety and depression and absences from work on short or long-term sick leave. A booklet produced by Acas, Health, work and wellbeing  aims to help employers and employees understand the connection between mental and physical wellbeing and working life.

The guide focuses on three areas:

  1. The relationship between line managers and employees
  2. The importance of getting employees' involved in decision-making
  3. Job design, flexible working and the use of occupational health

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