Codes of Practice

The Social Security Minister is empowered to issue or approve Codes of Practice providing practical guidance for the purpose of promoting the improvement of employment relations. 

The provisions of these Codes are admissible in evidence and may be taken into account in determining any question arising in proceedings before the Employment Tribunal or a court. Failure to observe any provision of a Code does not, of itself, render a person liable to any proceedings.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the summary of the relevant statutory provisions included in the Codes is accurate, only the Employment Tribunal and the courts can interpret the law authoritatively.

The codes can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link shown below.

Young persons at work

Although not a formal code of practice, the Jersey Child Protection Team (formed by Education Department and the Police) has issued some useful guidelines to employers regarding young persons in the workplace, which can also be accessed.

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