Alcohol and the workplace FAQs

What is alcohol abuse?

In an employmernt context it means that the consumption of alcohol by employees is adversely affecting their work performance and/or relationships at work.

What are some of the features of alcohol abuse?

  • frequent unauthorised leave
  • frequent absences on Mondays and Fridays
  • deterioration in personal appearance and personal hygiene
  • lowering job efficiency
  • deteriorating relations with colleagues and clients.

What factors may contribute to alcohol abuse?

  • too much or too little work
  • irregular or long hours
  • under or over promotion
  • pressure from colleagues
  • marital or family problems
  • family illness or bereavement

What should employers do?

It can help to set up an alcohol policy, which should clearly define what steps the employer will take. Employers should:

  • provide for the policy to be monitored and reviewed regularly in consultation with workplace representatives
  • encourage the employee to seek help voluntarily
  • guarantee confidentiality concerning discussions or subsequent treatment
  • stress that the absence for treatment will be regarded as sickness
  • enable the employee to return to the same job after treatment or try to provide suitable alternative employment
  • explain that if the employee refuses help or if their performance continues to be impaired then disciplinary action may be necessary.

Where can you get more information?

Alcoholics Anonymous (01534) 726681

Alcohol and Drugs Service (01534) 618110

Jersey Council on Alcoholism (01534) 726672

Silkworth Lodge Rehabilitation Centre (01534) 729060

Mar 2020

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