Employment and Discrimination Rights in Jersey for All Employees

Employment and Discrimination Rights in Jersey for All Employees

 Day 1:                  

Protected against Discrimination for: Race

                                                        Sex   (including pregnancy & sexual orientation)          



Minimum Wage is   £11.64 (effective from 1 January 2024)

Parental leave & Pay 6 weeks paid parental leave for all parents with a further 46 weeks unpaid; to be taken in maximum of 3  blocks of no less than 2 weeks per block.

Flexible Working Request to right to request changes to the hours, times or place of work.

Rest Breaks/'Day' Off Employees are entitled to a 24 hour rest break (time off) in 7 days or 48 hour rest break in 14 days, although employees can decide to work during this time but it is their decision they cannot be forced to give up this entitlement);

Breaks –Employees are entitled to a 20 minute break (this may be unpaid) if working for 6 hours or more per day/shift.

Notice of a minimum of 1 week to be given by the employer (unless an act of gross misconduct has taken place) or the employee (unless the contract says something different).  Please note this does not apply to fixed term contracts.

Public/Bank Holidays – all employees are entitled to paid time off on such days or if required to work, payment for the hours worked and paid time off at a later date.

Wages:  Minimum Wage is currently  £11.64 and this must be paid in £ (pounds) with deductions for Social Security (6%) and Income Tax being made before being paid to the employee.  An employer can make further deductions but only if these have been  agreed in the contract of employment.

 Accommodation and meals – if these are provided then the employer will make this deduction from wages as well.  The current maximum is £127.54 (accommodation only) or £169.98 (for accommodation and meals);

All Employees:

  •  Must receive a payslip on or before the date of payment;
  •  Wages must not be paid more than 1 month apart;
  •  Employer may expect employees to complete timesheets in order for wages to   be paid.

Day 28:  ‘Contract’ - Must receive terms of employment (contract) on or before 28 days of employment have passed.

Zero Hour Contract (is not applicable for employees in Jersey under a work permit) – under this contract your holidays will be paid as an additional 6% onto your hourly rate of pay and with will need to be shown on your payslipA zero hours contract means that work may not be available to you every week and that the hours can change; there may be weeks when not work will be available and therefore no wages due – for more information see our contact details below.

Fixed Term Contract (Seasonal/Work Permit contract) -this contract will have an end date (or event like the end of a work permit).  If the contract runs until the end date then no notice is required, if the contract ends early then notice in the contract must be given by either party.  NB statutory notice does not apply to fixed term contracts, if none is stated then please seek advice from JACS.

It is important to note that fixed term contracts do not guarantee work will be available for the whole term and if there is not enough work then the contract can be terminated by the serving of the contractual (stated) notice period, with wages only being paid up until the end of the notice period (and not the full term of the original contract).

Holidays - Once employees have been employed for 28 days they have 1/12th of their holiday and start to accrue more holidays every 28 days.   Statutory holiday entitlement is 3 weeks per year (3 weeks = 3 x the number of days worked each week, ie 3 days a week = 9 days holiday etc),  

Week 26:     

Notice – if employee wishes to leave employer they must now give a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice; the employer needs to give a minimum of 1 weeks’ notice (unless it is gross misconduct).  NB: this does not apply to fixed term contracts, please read you contract carefully.

Additional Note: An employee has the right to join a union at any time regardless of their length of service.

Week 52:

Protected against unfair dismissal – if less than 52 weeks and employee can claim if there has been an act of discrimination or dismissal if asking for payslips or a contract or another statutory breach.

If you need more information on any of your employment and discrimination rights please

contact us:


1 Seale Street, St Helier JE2 3QG

01534 730503; email:  jacs@jacs.org.je

Website:  www.jacs.org.je

We are open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm.

 Advice can also be obtained from one of the Honorary Consulates.


December 2023

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