Tax, Social Security, Immigration, Registration Cards

JACS are here to assist and advise on employment and discrimination matters and all employees working in Jersey are protected under the legislation - whether working here permanently or on temporary contracts.  We are an independent organisation set up under law, we cannot represent individuals as we are impartial.  There are other things you need to know before joining us in Jersey and we have included the links to the relevant sites below:

Registration cards - all employees in Jersey must have a registration card, even if you have been issued with a work permit.

Tax - you will be given a tax code so that your employer can deduct tax from your wages.

Social Security - as an employee you will have Class 1 deductions made from you wages.

Customs and Immigration - if you have been issued with a work permit you may have already had contact with this department and they deal with matters linked to work permits but they may need to refer you back to JACS if your query is linked to either the employment and/or discrimination legislation.


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