Lay Offs & Redundancy

There is a provision of  statutory redundancy payments  and other provisions relating to redundancy. Employers should follow a fair process should it become necessary to consider such steps within their organisation. 

If an employee is unfairly selected for redundancy a claim of unfair dismissal may be possible, depending upon whether the employee's length of service allows such a claim.

Under the Employment Law 2003, employees should be advised to what redundancy scheme exists. The termination of employment   provisions provide for statutory notice in addition to any redundancy payment and the length of notice increases with increasing length of service. Some organisations in Jersey operate a redundancy policy in which significantly exceeds the statutory provisions that are or will be in place shortly. 

The FAQs give an overview of good practice. Reference to the UK is made in the information given in the FAQs, on occasions, simply to explain how various issues are dealt with elsewhere or to provide examples of good practice.

Sept 2022

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