Zero Hours Contract Written Terms

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(The Company)


(Name and address of individual)


Nature of Engagement:

This document sets out the terms and conditions of your working with us. Work may be offered to you on an “ad hoc” basis and, you are free to accept or decline such offers. We are under no obligation to offer you work or re-engagement and this statement in itself does not constitute a Contract of Employment, but explains the terms that will apply should work be offered to you.

Any amendments or additions to this statement (other than as to rate of pay) will be issued to you as a supplemental document. Work may be offered to you on an hourly basis or such longer period as may be required. . When you have agreed to attend work and are unable to do so, you are required to notify us immediately, as detailed in 6 below.

  1. Job Title and Location

You will work as a Zero Hours xxx or in such role as may be agreed between us from time to time. Your normal place of work will be XXXX  but you may be required to work from such place or places in Jersey as the Company shall reasonably require.

  1. Commencement Date for the purposes of continuous employment

This zero-hours contract will commence (or commenced) on (date) 

  1. Remuneration Hours of Work and duties
  2. You will be paid only for hours worked. Your normal hourly rate will be £xx.xx or such other rate as may be specified from time to time in writing.  Payment will be made weekly/monthly (on X day/date) in arrears by cheque/bank transfer subject to deduction of Social Security contributions and Income Tax.


  1. Your hours of work are conditional on various business requirements. There may be            times when no work is available for you and the Company has no duty to provide you      with any work at such times. However, when there is work available the Company will do its best to offer work to you and will endeavour to provide you with as much notice as possible of any hours you will be required to work. Where you accept an offer of work you will devote your whole time, attention and abilities to those duties allocated to you during those hours you are required to work by the Company.

 (Add sub clauses c) & d) below, if required)

  1. Your duties are set out in a separate non-contractual document (job description) but the Company may in its discretion require you to undertake any duties it considers appropriate to your skills, and with appropriate training as is considered necessary.
  2. If for any reason we need to cancel any hours previously agreed with will offer you a minimum of  [£X] as compensation. (delete if not applicable)
  3. Nothing in these terms prevent you from working for another employer.

  4.  Deductions

The Company has the right to deduct from your pay any sums which you may owe the Company including any overpayments or loans made to you by the Company.

  1. Holiday Entitlement

Your entitlement to holidays and holiday pay is governed by the following provisions: ‑

During each full year of service your holiday entitlement (in addition to public holidays that fall on normal working days see JACS guidance note 2) is 3 weeks  (or include your own higher entitlement) with full pay. In recognition of the fact that you will work variable hours, the Company will pay you on each pay day an additional sum equivalent to 6% of pay (to be increased if entitlement is above the 3 week minimum) for each hour worked, based on the hourly rate as set out in 3 above, as amended from time to time, representing your holiday pay. No further sums will be paid to you when you take holiday.

  1. Absence for any cause including sickness and injury (or insert your own terms)

In the event of your being absent for any reason on days that you have accepted  work, you must advise your manager by 9.00am (or other time as required) on the first day of absence, giving reasons for your absence and its likely duration, you are not entitled to  receive any company sick pay.

  1. Grievance Procedure (or insert your own terms)

The Company has a non-contractual grievance procedure which is set out in the Employee Handbook (or is in accordance with the JACS model procedure or insert your own terms) through which you can seek redress for grievances. .

  1. Disciplinary Rules and Procedure (or insert your own terms)

The Company's non-contractual disciplinary procedure is set out in the Staff Handbook (or is in accordance with the JACS model procedure, or insert your own terms). Appeals against any disciplinary decision must be made in writing within 7 days of the date of the written disciplinary decision, giving reasons for the appeal.

  1. Pension Scheme (or insert your own terms)

There is no Company Pension Scheme and you are advised to make your own provision. 

  1. Redundancy

There is no provision for any redundancy payment other than as provided for under legislation.

   11. Parental Rights (or insert your own terms)

The statutory minimum rights will apply to all employees.

  12.  Health and Safety (or insert your own terms)

The Company will take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure your health, safety and welfare while at work. Under the Health and Safety at Work (Jersey) Law each individual has a legal responsibility for their own welfare and for the health and safety of others. Any queries you may have relating to health and safety matters should be raised in the first instance with your Manager.

You must comply with the Company's Health and Safety Procedures for the time being in force and with the Health and Safety Policy Statement. (Employers with 5 or more staff must have a written policy statement).

   13.  General (add any special provisions here, e.g. uniform, or delete clause if not required)

  1. Termination of Service (or insert your own terms)

The statutory minimum notice periods will apply to these terms of employment

   15.  Collective Agreements (or insert your own terms)

No collective agreements affect these terms and conditions

   16.  Amendments

The Company may from time to time review any non-contractual part of these terms and conditions.


Signed by the Company ...........................................................       Date ..../..../....


I confirm my understanding and agreement of this zero hours contract.


Signed by the Individual ...........................................................       Date ..../..../




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