Providing equal opportunities

Providing equal opportunities is important because

  • Fairness and justice are at stake;
  • All employees deserve equal treatment;
  • Morale and motivation is likely to be better;
  • Such issues arise over recruitment, selection, promotion and terms and conditions;

What do you need to do?

  • Take account of the rules on matters such as those relating to parental rights;
  • Make sure you always treat people equally;
  • Ensure employees know what is expected of them on such issues as harassment and bullying;
  • Use your records to see whether an activity/area works unfavourably for a group.

What are some of the ways of avoiding discrimination?

  • Analysing your personnel data by race, sex, disability and ethnic origin
  • On deeper examination assess whether certain groups are being disadvantaged
  • Discuss with employees ways of avoiding discrimination

Where to go for help

  • Please call us on 730503 if you require any further advice/assistance.

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