Knowing your employees

Personnel records are important so that you:

  • Make decisions based on fact, not rumour or recent impression;
  • Can manage staff costs accurately;
  • Measure how effectively individual employees are performing;
  • Anticipate problems on recruitment, labour turnover, absence, lateness, accidents, discipline and sickness;
  • Ensure customer need is matched by the right number and quality of staff;
  • Know the discipline policy is being applied fairly.

What do you need to do?

  • Start with a straightforward manual (or computerised) record system;
  • Record only what is needed; find out from your managers and staff what they need;
  • Compile a comprehensive application form; it is a base document for selection purposes;
  • Consult your employees; they need to be confident about the use of the recording system;
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times;

What details do you need to keep in your personnel records?

  • Personal information... name, date of birth, address, educational/professional qualifications, previous experience, next of kin and Island residential status;
  • Employment information... date started with employer, job title and date started current job;**
  • Terms and conditions ... pay rate(s), hours of work, holidays, parental leave and pensions;**
  • Absence information... lateness and sickness (authorised and unauthorised);
  • Details of accidents at work;
  • Information on disciplinary actions... warnings and decisions;
  • Training and development projects and courses;

Where to go for help

  • Please call us on 730503 if you require any further assistance/advice. 

**Some of this information is required to be contained in a  written statement given to employees under Employment (Jersey) Law 2003.

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