Keeping check of staff costs

Keeping staff costs in check is important for the success of the organisation because:

  • Excess levels of absence can force up costs e.g. overtime payments to compensate;
  • Absences may cause a failure in the provision of services or meeting targets;
  • Absences may lead to a loss of morale, also affecting services and production;
  • Unacceptable labour turnover can have similar effects;
  • Labour turnover leads to fresh recruitment/training costs.

What do you need to do?

  • Make sure you know the size of such problems;
  • A close examination of records should show up particular areas which need attention;
  • Discussion with individual employees can resolve potential problems;
  • Carry out exit interviews to identify problem areas.

Ways of dealing with absence level problems

  • Measure and monitor absence levels;
  • Pay especial attention to matters such as working conditions and pay levels;
  • Interview employees after short-term absences;
  • Discuss long-term sickness absence with employees; arrange medical opinion if necessary;
  • Introduce a capability policy and use it effectively.

Ways of dealing with excessive labour turnover

  • Measure and monitor labour turnover levels;
  • Pay attention to recruitment, training and induction of new employees.

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