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6B. Employment Awards Order 2011


Guidance note 6B to the EMPLOYMENT (JERSEY) LAW 2003

 This statement is intended to explain to employers and employees the principal requirements of the Law. It is not intended to cover all the requirements of the Law, nor does it represent a statement of the Law..

 6 B. Employment Awards Order  

(Employment Awards Amendment (Jersey) Order 2011)

The Tribunal can award any sum that the employee is due under the Law. That is, payments such as statutory notice and redundancy pay can be dealt in full and not be limited by the £10,000 cap.

 This means that the Tribunal can award the following: 

  • Full statutory notice pay up to 12 weeks
  • Full statutory redundancy pay (capped at average weekly earnings)
  • Minimum wage for all hours worked
  • Any other award which the Tribunal determine is a statutory entitlement
  • Up to 26 weeks unfair dismissal award
  • Up to 26 weeks non-compliance with an order of re-instatement or re-engagement award
  • In addition, up to £10,000 for any other contractual claim including, for example, holiday pay, additional notice or redundancy pay, bonus, un-notified deductions i.e. any claim not actually specified in the Law.

From 1 April 2017 the Tribunal can award up to 4 weeks pay for any breaches of legislation in respect of failure to provide for written terms of employment; failure to provide pay slips; failure to provide uninterrupted rest periods.

 Further advice or information and copies of this and other guidance notes may be obtained from the Jersey Advisory and Conciliation Service in person or by telephoning (01534) 730503; email;                    


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