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2017 Amendment 10 - Reservists and Other Amendments

On 12 April 2016 the Social Security Minister lodged Amendment 10 to the Employment (Jersey) Law 2003, with the States Assembly for debate on 24 May 2016.  This Amendment puts in place employment protection for Reservists.

In a press release, Deputy Pinel said: "Current Ministry of Defence strategy aims to increase the number of reservists by 2020, potentially doubling the numbers in the Jersey Field Squadron to around 80. Reserve service can be disruptive for the employer, particularly in a small business. However, these rights are vital to encourage sufficient numbers of people - with all types of skills and backgrounds - to commit to reserve service."

Amendment 10 also includes some further points:

  • the 2/3rds rule in relation to  Fixed Term Contracts  will be removed, meaning that any employee will need to have been employed for 52 weeks before claiming for unfair dismissal (other than any  auto-unfair  dismissals).  (To take effect from 28 October 2016);
  • the widening of reasons for family friendly absence where dismissal of replacement employee will be fair; (To take effect from 28 October 2016);
  • the right to claim up to 4 weeks compensation for any breaches of statutory rights in relation of  terms of employment,  uninterrupted rest day  and pay slips - to take effect from 1 April 2017;
  • A couple of further minor changes and repeals;





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