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Public and Bank Holidays


When a Public or Bank Holiday falls on an employee's normal working day then:

  • The employee is entitled to a day's holiday with pay, or
  • If required to work, the employee is entitled to a normal day's pay and an alternative day off. Such alternative days off are taken at a mutually convenient time. If due to the nature of the work an employee does not take time off in lieu during their employment with that employer, then the employee should be paid at flat rate for the time that he or she is owed.
  • If an employer offers an employee who has worked on a Public/Bank Holiday the option of being paid at the rate of double time (rather than being paid the normal daily rate with an alternative day off) and the employee accepts then the employer has no further obligations in respect of that day.

Please also see Guidance note 2.

A list of the forthcoming Bank and Public Holidays can be found on the States of Jersey website by clicking here.


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