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2019 Proposed Family Friendly Employment Rights

Proposed Family Friendly Employment Rights 2019 - At a Glance

(For debate on 26 March and effective from 1 September 2019)

Ante Natal Appointments: Unlimited appointments with up to 10 hours paid for attendance by the father/surrogate parents/partner, the rest are unpaid.  NB:  For the mother all appointments for ante natal attendance are paid.

Adoption Appointments:  Unlimited appointments with up to 10 hours paid for attendance, the rest are unpaid.

Parental Leave: 52 weeks for all parents regardless of how long they have been employed, of which 6 weeks are paid in full by the employer.  The 52 weeks can be taken in 4 blocks of time over a 3 year period.  NB:  These rights extend to adoptive and intended surrogate parents.

Paid Suspension on H&S Grounds:  Following a risk assessment if an Employer is unable to allocate a pregnant/breastfeeding employee other duties she will have the right to paid absence.

Breastfeeding/Expressing Breaks and facilities:  Employees can request temporary changes to their working conditions for the purpose of breast-feeding/expressing breaks. Employers will also need to take 'reasonable-steps' to provide appropriate facilities in the workplace.


Existing rights that will continue to apply

Right to Return to Work: All employees have the right to return to the same job after any period of parental leave.

Complaints: Protection against detriment and dismissal for reasons relating to these rights

Discrimination: Protection against discrimination on grounds of sex, pregnancy/maternity

Flexible Working:  All employees are entitled to make one request for flexible working in a 12 month period, regardless of length of service or the purpose/reason for the request.


Staff Handbook/Policies:  Ensure this is updated to reflect these changes;

Communicate:  To all staff these rights and ensure managers are trained in knowing how to handle temporary changes to terms and conditions;

Consider:  What 'reasonable steps' can be made regarding the provision of facilities for breast feeding/expressing now in order to be able to respond quickly if an application is made;

Budget:  Ensure that costs are factored into budgets for the increase in costs for the paid parental leave;

Recruitment:  Ensure that your advertisements/policies and practices do not inadvertently allow acts of discrimination to take place.


JACS Feb 2019



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