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Control of Housing and Work (Jersey) Law 2012

Control of Housing and Work (Jersey) Law 2012

This law came into effect on 1st July 2013. People in Jersey now need a registration card to buy or lease a home, change job or move to the island.

It replaces Social Security cards and is part of a change to the law on who can live and work in Jersey.

The registration cards show names, Social Security numbers and residential status. Anyone moving to Jersey for the first time will have to pay £80 for the registration card before they can find a job or somewhere to live.

Under the law, residential status is split into four categories - entitled, licensed, entitled to work and registered.


ENTITLED - Lived in Jersey for 10 years - can work anywhere and buy, sell or lease anywhere

LICENSED - An essential employee working in something like healthcare or education. Can buy, sell or lease property in their own name but employers need a licence for a specific period of time

ENTITLED TO WORK - Someone who has lived in Jersey for five years. Can work anywhere and can lease registered property

REGISTERED - Does not qualify any other way. Can lease registered property but employers need a licence

Employers cannot employ new staff unless they have a registration card. However, islanders who are entitled or entitled to work will not have to pay for the card. People who already live in the island and do not move house or change jobs will never need a registration card. 'Licensed' or 'registered' persons who are new to Jersey will have to pay a fee.

Further information is available from the States of Jersey website (please see links below):

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