Working Hours and Breaks FAQ

Working Hours

We often have queries asking whether there are 'maximum working hours' or restrictions on working hours in Jersey.

As Jersey is not in the European Union, therefore the Working Time Directive 2003/88/EC, does not extend to Jersey. As such, there are no limits on the number of hours employees can be contracted to work in one day (however employers should bear Health & Safety legislation, safe working practices and any industry specific legislation or guidance in mind).

If, when offered a contract of employment, an employee feels that the number of hours are too onerous then they should request a change to the hours before they accept the offer of employment or they should decline the offer of employment.


Similarly, there are no 'statutory breaks' under the Employment Law in Jersey (e.g. lunch break or tea break) that employers must give to their employees. However, employers should act reasonably and with Health & Safety legislation, safe working practices and industry specific legislation or guidance in mind when considering appropriate breaks for employees. Asking an employee to work an entire (full-time) day without a break would likely be deemed unreasonable.

Rest periods

There are limits in law which determine how many consecutive days an employee may work for - please refer to information regarding rest periods.

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